With the right guidance, every organization – large or small – has the power to be fast-moving and innovative.


Who I am

I'm an American, born and raised in New York, who's worked and built technology-based businesses in the US and in Germany. Through my studies at Princeton, NYU, and the University of Cologne, and my work experience at startups and large companies like Merrill Lynch, Bertelsmann, and MTV,  I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from some of the smartest people out there.

Through a lot of hard work and a bit of luck, I've wound up with an ideal job, splitting my time between New York and Europe, where I help companies of all sizes take advantage of the changing technology landscape around them. I'm a startup adviser, corporate consultant, mentor, investor and MBA professor in Berlin.  But most of all, I enjoy helping others benefit from the things I've experienced and learned so that they can do their jobs better.


What I do

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Keynote Speeches: I inspire audiences, helping them to see that the barriers to innovation are much lower than they think. I keep things practical, drawing on my own experiences (and failures!).  Audiences leave with a clearer understanding of how to better take advantage of changes happening in the world around them.

Coaching: I work with executives and teams not just to understand the implications of digitization and new technologies on products, services, and businesses models, but also to give them the tools they need to think and act innovatively. 

Seminars and Workshops:  I offer my own Breaking-Through-to-Innovation Seminars to groups. We go to into more practical detail on the tools 21st century employees need to build competitive advantage for their organizations. Particular emphasis is placed on understanding key technology trends, Lean Startup methodology, and Design Thinking.

Who can benefit


Large or medium-sized ("Mittelstand") companies across a broad range of verticals, specifically:

  • C-level managers who want guidance in order to understand and take advantage of the rapidly shifting business landscape
  • Middle-level managers who need to inspire innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in their teams
  • Executives who'd like to develop deep industry relationships in the US

(English or German depending on preference)



“The goal of my methodology is not to predict the future but rather to inspire employees and give them the tools they need to take advantage of the rapidly changing technology landscape.”